ASCAP provides consultancy services in development work related to human resources; institutional development; business planning; and evaluation, monitoring and results-based management.


ASCAP has specialised in various core areas of development work. They include the following:


1. Local Development; Civil Society; and NGOs.


2. Post-Conflict Societies, Fragile States; Peace Building and Stability; and Disaster Management.


3. Evaluations; Performance Management; and Results-based Management.


4. Project Management; Research; and Studies.


5. Human Resources Development; Capacity Building and Development.


6. Institutional and Organisational Development; Good Governance; and Democracy.


7. Environment; Water and Natural Resources Management.


8. EU Projects, Programmes and Policies.


ASCAP is a limited liability company (ApS) established in 2001 by Svend Erik Sørensen.